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Things that might affect your home insurance premiums or any claim you may make

Home insurance policies are complicated things at the best of times. You might look at the premium you’re asked to pay and wonder: “How did they arrive at that figure?”

When calculating your premium, insurance companies take a lot into consideration. This is a small list of the sort of things that will be taken into account when devising the figure.

Some of these things are obvious. Others…less so.

Let’s take a look in more detail.

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Loss Adjuster versus Loss Assessor, what’s the difference?

The insurance world is awash with jargon that can be confusing, or in many cases, downright misleading. Loss adjusters and loss assessors, for example, are easily confused. In fact, we’re often contacted by people who think they need a loss adjuster, when actually, they need a loss assessor.

So, what’s the Difference? Simply put, loss adjusters work for your insurance company and loss assessors work for you, the policyholder.

But what does each one do? Let’s take a look.

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Are you having problems with your insurance claim?

When you inform your insurer that you need to make a claim the first thing they will do is appoint a loss adjuster from their panel. What is a loss adjuster? A loss adjuster is appointed by the insurance company to deal with your claim on behalf of the insurance company. They work for the insurance company and not you. The loss adjuster will either accept or repudiate your claim on behalf of the insurance company.

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Flood Insurance Claim – Help is at Hand !


Having a flood in your home or business, is to say the least, a very traumatic experience. Fortunately, you’re well prepared. You have a solid insurance policy covering your against such eventualities. You’ve paid your premiums on time, year after year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the ensuing insurance claim you’re about to make will more often than not be fraught with so many difficulties that the stress of the flood will appear a mere trifle by comparison.

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University Students and Insurance

The time is fast approaching when a new intake of freshers will leave home for the first time and start their courses at university. One big difference between now and a few years ago is that it is so much easier now for students and their parents to stay in touch because of the internet, mobile phones and social media. But this also means students are likely to have much more valuable equipment with them, making insurance even more important than in the past. The average student has more than £2000 worth of laptops, smartphones and bicycles etc and unfortunately they are also three times more likely to be the victim of a burglary than when living at home.

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