What is a Loss Adjuster?

What is a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss Adjuster will be appointed by your insurance company to handle the claim on their behalf. Their fee is paid by the insurance company. The Loss Adjuster will not help you prepare your claim – they will look after the interests of the insurance company AND TRY TO FIND A WAY NOT TO PAY YOUR CLAIM OR PAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

The Loss Adjuster is expected to reduce the liability of the insurance company. This may lead to repairs and reinstatement being made through their OWN suppliers and nominated building contractors.

The use of nominated suppliers and contractors is beneficial to the insurance company – not necessarily to you, the insured.

It is in YOUR best interest to have a professional working on YOUR behalf.

The Myths:

The Reality:

REFFERAL FEES PAID - As we know our service is invaluable when a claim is made, we offer a referral fee to anyone who refers us.