Loss Adjuster versus Loss Assessor, what’s the difference?

The insurance world is awash with jargon that can be confusing, or in many cases, downright misleading. Loss adjusters and loss assessors, for example, are easily confused. In fact, we’re often contacted by people who think they need a loss adjuster, when actually, they need a loss assessor.

So, what’s the Difference? Simply put, loss adjusters work for your insurance company and loss assessors work for you, the policyholder.

But what does each one do? Let’s take a look.

The role of a Loss Adjuster

Loss adjusters are appointed by insurance companies to manage your claim on their behalf. They review your claim from the insurance company’s perspective and make recommendations to your insurers on how to settle your claim, including the amount you should be paid. They are not appointed to advise you on the best way for you to make a claim – they only look at the incident in the context of your policy cover, and the remit they have with your insurer. They will not help you if you want to dispute a settlement offer – the onus is on you to prove you are entitled to more than the offer recommended to your insurer by the loss adjuster. In some cases, it might feel as though loss adjusters are actively working against your best interests.

The role of a Loss Assessor

Loss Assessors are appointed by policyholders to manage a claim on their behalf. They’re excellent negotiators and experts when it comes to policy terms and conditions and will have a thorough understanding of how insurer claims departments work. They know how to properly quantify claims to ensure that you claim for an accurate and realistic amount and they will strive to obtain interim payments where you need them. They never work for insurance companies, and they are the only party in the entire claims process who can be trusted to act entirely on your behalf.

It is always best to appoint a loss assessor as early in the claim as you can. If you appoint a loss assessor after the loss adjuster’s report has been submitted, it can be very difficult to challenge the loss adjustor’s decision.

Why Choose Martin Curran & Associates to work on your behalf?

With over 30 years insurance claims experience, you can rest assured that not only will Martin Curran & Associates  possess a full understanding of your policy’s terms and conditions, they’ll also be able to accurately quantify your claim, while effectively negotiating on your behalf.

In this way, you stand an excellent chance of receiving precisely the settlement to which you’re entitled.

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