Flood Insurance Claim – Help is at Hand !


Having a flood in your home or business, is to say the least, a very traumatic experience. Fortunately, you’re well prepared. You have a solid insurance policy covering your against such eventualities. You’ve paid your premiums on time, year after year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the ensuing insurance claim you’re about to make will more often than not be fraught with so many difficulties that the stress of the flood will appear a mere trifle by comparison.

Your insurance company will instruct a firm of Loss Adjusters to act on their behalf. While the loss adjuster will insist upon being independent and impartial on the matter, the reality says otherwise. The firm is being paid by the insurance company and is there to represent their best interests. As far as the insurers are concerned, the loss adjuster doing a good job means reducing the final settlement as much as possible and, ideally, enabling them to decline cover entirely.

Even in situations where you stand a good chance of eventually receiving the settlement you’re entitled to and having your home restored to the pristine condition it was in before the disaster occurred, the proverbial obstacle course you’ll have to navigate is a daunting and demoralizing one. You’ll be bombarded with a barrage of seemingly irrelevant questions spanning across various meetings and will have to produce pages worth of schedules of damaged items. You may be required to obtain quote after quote from contractors before it is decided that you can even think about proceeding with repairs. And that’s not the end of it. Quite frequently, if you cannot produce substantiating evidence for all of the damaged items, the loss adjuster will try to decline cover for them or at least substantially reduce the payout.

As a firm of local FCA regulated Loss Assessors, our function is to represent your best interests. We are experts in claim negotiation and can ensure that you get the very best settlement possible under your policy. We will manage your entire claim from start to finish, taking all of the stress and burden away from you and ensuring the claim is not put in jeopardy due to one or two simple errors.

We work on a “no win – no fee” basis in which our fee is calculated as a percentage of your final settlement. This means that negotiating a bigger settlement for you equates to a bigger payment for us. There could be no better incentive to do the very best job for you that we possibly can. We’re on your side.

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