Case Studies

We often come across clients who have been offered far less than they deserve from their insurance company. Martin Curran & Associates will increase the claim to get the maximum settlement the claimant is entitled too rather than them having to settle for what the insurance company are willing to pay out.

Here are some real case studies we have worked on.

Burst Pipe Case Study

Final settlement of £ 40,000 after original £10,000 offer!
When Mrs A returned from a brief period in hospital, she found a house “full of water”. A water pipe in the roof space had burst after a very cold spell, and water had poured through the property for sometime.

Nearly every part of the house and the majority of the contents were badly damaged. Mrs A immediately contacted her insurance company but couldn’t speak to anyone.

She called again the following day and spent hours on the phone, but was very unhappy with the company’s response. In particular, she was told that she should stay in one of the bedrooms which, although not badly damaged, was cold and damp: she felt this was unacceptable and decided to stay with relatives.

Mrs A then met with the insurance companies loss adjuster who offered a paltry £10,000 if she agreed to settle immediately, but this was far lower than the real value of the loss and damage. Mrs A also felt that the loss adjuster was trying to take advantage of the circumstances she found herself in.

In addition, the house was not being dried out properly: for example, carpets were left to rot. According to Mrs A, “They were trying to end the process as cheaply as possible and were so unhelpful about sorting things out. They never returned calls and passed me from one person to another.” Mrs A then searched the internet for help and found Martin Curran & Associates who took over the claim and started the whole process again.

They negotiated full payment for suitable alternative accommodation, and supervised professional drying-out of the property.

They then brought in specialist surveyors who drew up a priced specification for re-instating the house, and they prepared a full list of damaged contents.

Martin Curran and Associates negotiated a final settlement under the terms of Mrs A’s insurance policy of £40,000, far higher than the original offer of £10,000, which illustrates the difference a Loss Assessor like Martin Curran and Associates can make.

According to Mrs A, “the insurance companies loss adjuster actually cost them money by being so difficult: as they caused the delays which increased my temporary accommodation costs.”

Mrs A cannot praise Martin Curran & Associates enough: “The stress I went through could kill someone. You pay your premiums and expect to be treated like a human being who needs help not the enemy!

Martin Curran and Associates did a fantastic job.

They relieved the pressure, kept me informed and were so efficient. They got me everything I was entitled to and I would recommend them to anyone who has an insurance claim.“

REFFERAL FEES PAID - As we know our service is invaluable when a claim is made, we offer a referral fee to anyone who refers us.